Grilled pineapple with goat's cheese topping

number of people

6 persons Serves 6

preparation time

20 minuten PT20M


  • 150 ml whipping cream 
  • 100g Bettine goat's cheese plain
  • 75g sugar 
  • 20g fresh mint 
  • 1 ripe pineapple 
  • 2 tbsp walnut oil

kitchen equipment


A fantastic and simple dessert with lots of flavour. You will definitely want more than one portion of this grilled pineapple with goat's cheese cream! Use fresh pineapple for the recipe, it tastes better than canned pineapple. 

Perfect after an extensive barbecue, right? 

Whip the cream with the goat cheese and half of the sugar. Reserve two slices for garnish. Beat to a firm cream. 
Keep some mint aside for garnish, chop the rest up and mix with the rest of the sugar. 
Cut the pineapple into six thick slices, brush them with the walnut oil. 
Bake the pineapple slices in a grill pan or on the BBQ. Serve with the goat's cheese cream and mint sugar, divide the rest of the goat's cheese and mint over it. 

Tip: sprinkle the pineapple with some rum while grilling for an extra festive dessert.

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