Christmas spring rolls with Bettine goat cheese and filo pastry

number of people

4 persons Serves 4

preparation time

25 minuten PT25M


  • 1 small onion (or shallot)
  • 50 g hazelnuts
  • 200 g Bettine goat's cheese honey slices
  • 2 tsp Ras el Hanout
  • 12 sheets of filo pastry
  • 50 g fresh cranberries
  • 100 ml chilli sauce
  • 10 g fresh mint
  • Extra requirements: deep fryer or pan with a good layer of oil

kitchen equipment

  • deep fryer or pan with a good layer of oil


Spring rolls with the aperitif? Yes! These spring rolls with a goat cheese mousse and a cranberry chilli sauce are so festive that you can easily serve them for Christmas.

Chop the onion and finely chop the hazelnuts. Mix with the goat cheese slices and Ras el Hanout to a paste. Season with salt and pepper.
Divide the goat cheese mixture into 12 portions. With wet hands, form each portion into a roll 10 cm long.
Place a roll on a sheet of filo pastry and roll up like a spring roll. Secure the end with a little oil.
Heat the fryer or pan with oil to 180 degrees. Deep-fry the filo pastry rolls for 3-4 minutes until golden brown and cooked. If the dough loosens up a little, that’s fine, they can be delicious and wild.
Meanwhile, in another pan, heat the cranberries with a splash of water. Boil them until they crack and add the chilli sauce. Cook the cranberries with the chilli sauce over low heat. Spoon into a bowl.
Finely chop the mint. Serve the spring rolls sprinkled with mint and with the cranberry-chilli sauce.

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