main dishes with goat's cheese

Bettine goat's cheese fondue

number of people

4 persons Serves 4

preparation time

10 minuten PT10M


The fondue  

  • 200 ml dry white wine  
  • 1 dash of lemon juice  
  • 200 g Bettine spread natural  
  • 300 g Bettine natural 
  • 4 blades of chives, finely chopped  
  • ½ tl cornstarch   
  • garlic 
  • ½ glass of water  
  • pepper, to taste  

For in the fondue  

  • 1 apple  
  • bunch of grapes  
  • bread  
  • soup stalks  
  • pepper  
  • cucumber  
  • 4 roots  
  • 3 tomatoes  

kitchen equipment

  • Fonduepan  


Making cheese fondue is easier than you think! Now that the days are getting shorter again, you might also be longing to sit around the frying pan together again.  

It’s about time to make your own cheese fondue!   

Halve the garlic and rub the cheese fondue pan with it. Pour the wine and lemon into the pan and heat it. Add the Bettine goat's cheese natural and Bettine spread and allow to melt while stirring. Mix the cornstarch with a small amount of water and add to the cheese fondue while stirring. Stir until cohesive. Season to taste with pepper and finish with the finely chopped fresh chives. 

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